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I wanted to let you know that our lessons together were my favorite part of the program, and I’m still “chewing” on what we worked on. Like I told you, we singers would sit in the hallway and talk excitedly about each of our new discoveries in our lessons with you, and share your individual pointers for each of us with one another. You made me aware of a part of myself and connection that I have ignored or made a lesser priority, as I was so busy trying to do other things (“right tone, right placement, etc”). But you brought everything together and helped me achieve a sound and sensation that was natural and felt, simply, “right.”

Jessica Winn, Classical, New York, NYC

Je tenais à te dire que j’ai passé cette année, mon diplôme de fin d’études musicales…. mention très bien avec félicitations du jury !! Et j’ai chanté « Glitter and Be Gay » de L Bernstein, comme je te disais que j’aurais voulu faire, la dernière fois que nous nous sommes vues! Donc… Je suis très contente de moi, ma voix commence à être bien pleine et expressive aussi dans le lyrique.. et c’est en grande partie grâce à toi ! Merci !

Michela Germani, Classique, Paris


Monika Khot (Nordra)

Singer / Song Writer


Sophie, you've truly made me a real singer. I started off singing with the worst bad habits, and your keen ear coupled with deep knowledge of the human body could hear exactly what I was doing wrong to make me less pitchy, more resonant, and harness power without strain. My voice used to deteriorate throughout a tour, and now I can do tours without ever losing my voice, or it deteriorating in any way. Also, it's not just what you teach, but the way you teach it. I am beyond grateful for your incredible knowledge and skillful pedagogy.

Magali Lehman


Paris, France

Ohhh merveille ! Mes registres se sont enfin unifiés depuis dix jours, je n’en crois pas mes oreilles (ou plutôt mes sensations !), mais je passe du haut médium au médium à l’aigu sans rupture pour la première fois depuis 4 ans, c’est un bonheur immense et je le dois exclusivement à ton « acharnement »… Merci.

Juliet Gordon

Singer / Song Writer


Thanks for the months of lessons leading up to my recording! You made a tremendous difference in not just my singing but my overall approach to these songs, and I can’t imagine having done that project without your guidance. The recordings sound amazing — we did indeed end up recording most of the songs with band & singing happening all together — and the show was a great success. I will most certainly be back for more lessons in the not too distant future, and in the meantime I’ll keep practicing. À bientôt!

Sophie, Thank you again for sharing your expertise and feedback at our lesson on Friday. You are able to name so specifically exactly what needs to be adjusted and communicate it in such a way that it feels easy and accessible to me. I learned so much from you in just one and a half hours, and was able to apply some of the ideas yesterday when I performed at a party.

Irene Walsh, Actor, Brazilian and Jazz Music, NYC

Sophie, thank you so much, you are truly a blessing. My voice feels so much better and is really opening up.

I started to vocalize with the new found “full voice”, it feels so much better this way! I recorded myself, I sounded crystal clear! I just figured out how strong the diaphragm is!! It takes very little effort to take a full breath!!!

Carlixto Marte, Classical, student, NYC

Hi Sophie! I wanted to let you know my recording today went amazingly well… I was so happy to see you yesterday, I was able to apply all of those things in my warm-up and it made a world of difference. I can’t wait to get back to the city and start working with you again! Really truly it was amazingly helpful.

Christine Suits, Classical, Stuart, FL

Life could not have been better. The time in Orignac is unforgettable and life changing.

Meeting you and Damien has been a great gift..

Everything was unexpected and perfect.

I performed ” Harbor” and ” I Got Lost In His Arms” last Tues.

My teacher and friends were amazed at the change in my voice. All they kept saying was how HEALTHY my voice sounded.

There is no way I can ever thank you, Sophie and Damien for the help with technique, tender support and making me become aware of my gifts.

I have felt so much caring, so much determination and positive thinking that I can do it, and I did.

Marilyn Benkler, cabaret, musical theatre, NYC

Le monde de Sophie est un incroyable voyage vers la découverte de sa propre voix. Libérée, détendue, joyeuse. L’orthophonie devient un jeu d’enfants empli de métaphores théâtrales, d’images colorées et de gourmandises cachées. Sophie a le don pour mettre à l’aise et détendre en un clin d’œil. Elle apporte et transmet sa joie de vivre dans la rééducation vocale de ses élèves qu’elle affectionne à la juste distance. Celle de la parfaite pédagogue qui construit les voix sans jamais détruire. Encourager, développer, enjouer. Parler, écouter, améliorer. Le monde de Sophie est une invitation au voyage à chaque instant : vers le chemin de sa voix, hors des sentiers battus.

Sterenn Boulbin & Emilie Tack, Classique, Paris, Bruxelles

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